Important Discussion Information

As previously mentioned, all discussion will occur on the Google Group Parkour Forum, with the final results being posted on the website. The topics posted are intended to spark discussion and make you think. Different people are involved in this project which means that inevitably there will be different conflicting views. So please, respect people’s opinions. Try to be open minded and understanding of other’s ideas. Some people will have strong feelings about a topic, and if any one topic insights too much conflict it will not be posted to the website.

We have moderators that will be monitoring the discussions and will work to resolve any issues that may occur and if we see fit we will close down a discussion to prevent further conflict.

If at any point you feel that a conversation is out of hand, or if you have any comments, questions, concerns, etc. please flag the conversation or message us directly.

– Kristen Swantek

...comments? ...discussion? Please go to the Parkour Forum.